he aim of the exhibition is to introduce Hungary by literary, historical, scientific and folklore motifs. Visitors can take an ex libris edition as a souvenir from the Hungarian National Stand.

Idea and production: Hungarian Illustrators' Society
Programme manager: Győző Sárkány
Venue of the exhibition: Hungarian National Stand, Book Exhibition
Opening ceremonyn: 14th October 1999 14.00 h

Professor Dr. Árpád Bernáth, managing director of the Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation

Duration of the exhibition: 13th - 18th October 1999.
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday: 10 - 18.30 h
Saturday, Sunday: 9 - 18.30
Entry: gratis

Information: Hungarian Illustrators' Society
Torma Károly u. 21
1031 Budapest
Tel: 00 36 1 242 0599



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Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
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