MAGYAR KÖNYV ALAPÍTVÁNY / Hungarian Book Foundation / Stiftung Ungarisches Buch


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1146 Budapest, Hermina út 57-59. Tel.: (36-1) 364 40 57, 364 40 58 Fax: (36-1) 252 41 06 Tel. and Fax: (36-1) 251 76 76
Contact Person: president : László Tokéczki / Ms Dóra Károlyi

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Number of titles published in 1998:
Number of titles published since foundation:


The Hungarian Book Foundation was set by the Ministry of Culture and grants subsidies for publications to Hungarian publishers 2 times a year (contemporary Hungarian literature, first publications, classics, books for children and teenagers, social sciences, history of culture, etc.). The Translation Fund of the Foundation, beside beeing a literary information centre, can give financial support to foreign publishers if they publish Hungarian literary works (fiction, poetry, theatre) in translation. The grant can cover 60 to 100 percent of the costs of translation, and will be payed after the publication of the book. Deadlines for the applications are always the 31st March and October of every year. The application of the foreign publisher must be accompained by an application form; short presentation of author, book, translator and publisher; a copy of the contract with the rights owner; and a copy of the contract with the publisher. The Fund transfers the sum granted by the council directly to the foreign publisher after receiving 3 copies of the foreign language edition.



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