MAGVETO Kiadó Magveto Press / Magveto Verlag


Address of Publishing House:
1055 Budapest, Balassi B. u. 7 Tel.: (36-1) 302 2798, 302 2799 Fax: (36-1) 302 2800
Contact Person: Géza Morcsányi

Year of Foundation: 1955
Number of titles published in 1998: 48
Number of titles published since foundation: 6000

ISBN: (963) 14

Magveto {Sower} has one of the most illustrious of any Hungarian publishing backgrounds. Founded over forty years ago, it has managed to remain a cultural workshop sensitive to every new development in literature, a place where writers feel comfortable about both their writing and themselves. The cream of contemporary Hungarian literature is represented at Magveto, by among others Ádám Bodor, Péter Esterházy, Imre Kertész, László Krasznahorkai, Dezsô Tandori, Sándor Tar and Pál Závada. Among foreign writers published by Magveto, one finds important names such as Gabriel García Márquez, Marie Darrieussecq, Baudrillard, Gombrowicz, Agota Kristof, Golding, Miller and Sagan. Although its main profile is contemporary Hungarian literature, the firm is always glad to publish essays, sociological studies, memoirs and diaries: in short, any writing of a high standard.



Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation,
Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
Fax: +(36) 1 269 20 53