Pető, Iván


  • GERŐ, András-Pető, Iván: Unfinished Socialism
    • Translated by: Eniko Koncz and James Patterson
    • Publishing House: CEU Press
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 250
    • Language: English
    • Pictures from the Kádár-Era 450 photographs
    • This extraordinary book provides a snapshot of socialism throughout the Kádár regime in Hungary (1956-1989) and captures the reality of the world behind the ’iron curtain’ in a stunning, and often stark collection of photographs. Unfinished Socialism is a visually stunning anthropological study containing 450 photographs, many previously unpublished, which portray life in Hungary from every angle: from the May-day March to pop music and from the homeless to sport.



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