KAFFKA, Margit


  • KAFFKA, Margit: Colours and Years
    • Translated by: George F. Cushing
    • Publishing House: CORVINA Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 244
    • Language: English
    • Margit Kaffka’s (1880-1918) novel, Colours and Years, which came out in 1912, explored the complexities facing different generations of these new women and catapulted her to success. Based on the technique of the talking head, it reveals not only the character of the writer herself, her background and history, with special emphasis on her relationship to her mother, but life as it was lived just before the First World War in the small Hungarian town of Nagykároly. The poet Endre Ady’s words stand as a fitting tribute to her even today: „Let us rejoice in Margit Kaffka because she proves the triumph of Hungarian feminism... She is a strong person, an artist with an assured future: no criticism can hinder her true destiny, the path marked as her own”



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