• NEMES NAGY, Ágnes: On Poetry. A Hungarian Perspective
    • Webpage of  NEMES NAGY, Ágnes
    • Translated by: Mónika Hámori
    • Publishing House: Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston
    • Year of Publication: 1998
    • Number of Pages: 196
    • Language: English
    • Edited by Győző Ferencz and John Hobbs
    • "It is wonderful to have these essays by a significant poet of our century gathered together and expertly translated into English. Ágnes Nemes Nagy is one of the most important figures in East European poetry, and her work is still in the process of being discovered by English-speaking readers. Her prose, meanwhile, reveals another side of her sensibility, and its range of subjects and insights is considerable. This collection will be of interest not only because it is the work of an important woman writer and a Hungarian survivor of Stalinism, but because it is the writing of a skilled and deeply thoughtful poet." (David Young) Contents: Without Buffaloes + Negative Statues + Ephemeral Apple + On the Crisis of Language + Do We Know What We Are Doing? + Rose, Rose + A Dialogue on Contemporary Poetry + Star-Eyed + The Geometry of the Poem + Preface for my Poetry Collection / Navigation is Necessary + Yellow-and-Blue + On Style + Mother Tongue + The Poet’s Secret + How Many Blues Are There? + Hyacinth + Hyacinth with Scruples + Hyacinth in Snow + Living Geometry



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