PETŐFI, Sándor


  • PETŐFI, Sándor: John the Valiant
    • Translated by: John Ridland
    • Publishing House: CORVINA Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 152
    • Language: English
    • Sándor Petofi’s spirited folk epic János Vitéz has been virtually unknown to English readers since it first appeared in 1845. This is the first full translation in rhyming English verse, with an introduction which sketches Petofi’s life and his place in the Hungarian consciousness. The present translator fell in love with the story in 1987 when he saw the János Cellar murals in the Erzsébet Hotel in Budapest. He worked for seven years with the text, aided by literal translations and suggestions from Hungarian friends and writers, to capture the spirit and tone of the original. The poem has often been illustrated but never more stunningly than in the thirty remarkable drawings prepared especially for this edition by Peter Meller, who fled Hungary in 1956 for a career as an art historian in Italy and later in Santa Barbara.



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