• LENDVAI, Ernő: Bartók’s Style
    • Translated by: Paul Merrick and Judit Pokoly
    • Publishing House: AKKORD Kiadó (member of the TALENTUM Group)
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 106
    • Language: English
    • Today any approach to Bartók’s music is highly supported by Lendvai’s theoretical analyses. His concept can be characterized by the liberation from one definite tonality, postulating in every moment the total presence and interdependence of the encompassing tonal system. He opened new doors to a multidimensional analysis in the field of music that makes possible an integrated interpretation of a wide spectrum of European music. Moreover, he highlighted basic differences between Western and Eastern music, thus providing our musical culture with a more comprehensive understanding. As a translation of the entire first volume of the new Complete Hungarian Lendvai-Edition, this book is intended for the English speaking reader. It presents - for the first time in English - the very first discoveries of the author, which were finalized in 1947, but, however, first published only in 1955. Maybe the today’s reader will smile at the many exclamation marks, or even double exclamation marks: however, they can be regarded as something touching, as a proof or outburst of the enthusiastic joy of discovery.



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