• JOBBÁGYI, Gábor: Top Secret Memoir 1956
    • Translated by: Emma Roper-Evans
    • Publishing House: SZABAD TÉR Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1998
    • Number of Pages: 120
    • Language: English
    • Bilingual
    • How extraordinary that so much could come to light from trial documents after 40 years. This album is a period document, the photographic and written material of which was used as evidence in the reprisal trials after 1956. Most of these documents come from a collection made by Tibor Beke and László Fettig in 1956, a crime for which both of them were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment charged with incitement. The documents consist of amateur photographs, jokes and verses which were used as a damning proof during the trials. Thanks to chance and the twists and turns of bureaucracy these documents were found and now reveal a slightly different aspect of 1956. The man in the street, the ordinary Hungarian speaks through these jokes and verses, and until now unseen photographs show with dramatic power the ferocity of the battles and the incomprehensible destruction. The album sheds a new light on the feverish autumn of 1956. A bilingual edition.



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