• FORRAI, Judit: Memoirs of the Beginnings of Conductive Pedagogy and András Pető
    • Translated by: Beatrix and Justin Price
    • Publishing House: Új Aranyhíd Kft / National Institute of Conductive Education, Birmingham
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 200
    • Language: English
    • This book is a picture of a man who, in this ordinary world created something extraordinary. At the close of the twentieth century Conductive Education (CE), is emerging as a potent and dynamic new force for the benefit of children and adults with difficulties in controlling movement (motor disorders). So what is CE, where did it come from, what is its mainspring, its essence? Empirical investigation, theoretical enquiry and practical demonstration will play an essential role in elaborating such questions: Judit Forrai’s book takes us straight to the heart of the matter, to the life and work of András Peto himself and the creation of conductive pedagogy. This history suggests that the physician András Peto, used the 'movement therapy', combined with pedagogy, a healing that cut across hoary old dualisms of mind and body, emotion and intellect, teacher and learner, and health and education.At the core of investigation into András Peto’s life lies the irreplaceable personal record of men and women who knew him. Judit Forrai, a medical historian, then wove extracts from these reminiscences into the historical narrative and analysis that comprises the first half of this book. It is an insight into the unknow world of the physically disabled and a picture of the man, who disregarding conventionality, taught them to walk. The question must arise, how 'true' is the portrait of András Peto presented here? Readers will easily pick out some of the resulting inconsistencies for themselves. Was he indeed a 'polyhistor', was he really such a loss to German literature or was he a dabbler with a colossal ego, hero-worshipped by his young admirers? What did he feel about what he was doing and the life he led? Judit Forrai's investigation offers tantalising hints. So who was András Peto? He was an anomalous man whose heritage still proves productive in the very different world in which we live today.This book is about the world-famous András Peto, the founder of Conductive Education, who turned mere existence into life.



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