POLGÁR, László


  • POLGÁR, László: Endgames
    • Publishing House: VINCE Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 350
    • Language: English
    • Fewer pieces create fewer problems: this statement, however witty, is only partly true. A chess player might face easy, entertaining positions and extremely difficult ones during the endgame. László Polgár has compiled an imposing collection of endgames based on the experience gained educating his daughters, Olympic Games winners and a world champion. To systemize this huge volume of material he used an up-to-date approach: similar ideas, motifs, types and structures in seemingly different positions to create individual groups. The first two of the 171 chapters give several hundred examples to illustrate the most important elementary and theoretical positions. Each of the following 169 chapters demonstrates an endgame type – e.g. opening up a diagonal, winning the tempo, king on the edge of the board, passive queen or good knight versus bad bishop – in 24 positions. A chess book with this approach including 4560 positions has never yet been published. Mistakes in openings or middlegames may, perhaps, be corrected later, but those in the last stage can be fatal. This fascinating handbook provides help in finding a way to avoid fatal mistakes, and in practicing many motifs.



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