FARKAS, Sándor


  • FARKAS, Sándor: Protected Wild Flowers in Hungary
    • Publishing House: MEZOGAZDA Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 400
    • Language: English
    • incl. 390 colour photographs
    • This book is the most comprehensive guide published on the protected wild flowers of Hungary. It is written by Hungary’s 28 foremost botanists and illustrated with works of several renowned Hungarian and international nature photographers. The book is based on over eight years of extensive aimed research of Hungarian botanists, professionals and amateurs. It is a result of an unprecedented joint effort and cooperation as well as a unique inventory of all the protected species of the Hungarian flora. The species are presented according to the accepted international system of classification. Each entry contains a detailed description and is complete with a distrtbution map and a photograph. As the publication also serves scientific purposes, there is an index of Latin names. An English summary is also included.



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