National Széchenyi Library
The National Széchényi Library is the national library of Hungary. Their objective is to collect, to process, to preserve and to provide access to the Hungarian written cultural heritage and the written cultural heritage related to the Hungarian history from the manuscript codex through the printed documents to the electronic publications.

Hungarian Electronic Library
The Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK) is one of the projects of the Hungarian National Infrastructure Development Program and the Hungarian National Library (Országos Széchényi Könyvtár), and it wants to be the central collection of the public-domain Hungarian electronic texts for educational, scientific research, and cultural purposes.

Electronic Library

Budapest City Archives

Sopron Archives

Hungary Archives

CEU Library
The Library's main goal is to build a university library and become a leading research and information centre in the region using all available means of information technology. The Library`s main responsibility is to serve the CEU Community, but it is also open to the academic public according to the Rules of Membership.



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