DEBRECENI NYÁRI EGYETEM / Debrecen Summer University Debrecen Summer University / Debrecen Sommer-Universität


Address of Publishing House:
4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1. 4010 Debrecen, P.O.B. 35. (mailing address) Tel. and Fax: (36-52) 489 117
Contact Person: Dr. Pál Lieli

Year of Foundation: 1927
Number of titles published in 1998:
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Debrecen Summer School / Hungarian for Foreigners – since 1927. The Debrecen Summer School dating back to 1927 is the oldest institution in Hungary involved in teaching Hungarian. In addition to the main course in Summer we offer an Intensive Course in Winter, a Super-intensive Course in Spring and a Special Intensive Course in Autumn. The courses cover language teaching from beginner to advanced levels. The Summer School’s own language teaching material is the Hungarolingua series.



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