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1041 Budapest, Laborfalvi Róza u. 15. 1327 Budapest, P.O.B. 67 Tel. and Fax: (36-1) 369 0800
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E-mail: laferton@mail.matav.hu
WWW: www.ujkonyvpiac.hu

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The New Bookmarket being published monthly by the Lafferton and His Partners Ltd. in 22.000 copies since 1991 is the commercial and informational paper of the Hungarian book trade. Besides the advertisements it contains lists of the newly published books, articles about the actual state of the market and it also informs the Hungarian readers about the most important events of the book trade. The WeeklyBookMarket added to the NewBookMarket as its mutational publication reports bi-weekly the complete list of the newly published books and a selected list of the imported ones. For the Spring Book Festival and the Winter Book Fair the newspaper publishes a catalogue in 100.000 copies and the Hungarian Booktrade‘s yearly database available either in book or computer form.



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