CEU Press


Address of Publishing House:
1051 Budapest, Október 6. u. 12. Tel.:(36-1) 327 3014 Fax (36-1) 327 3183
Contact Person: Ms Klára Takácsi-Nagy
E-mail: ceupress@osi.hu
WWW: www.osi.hu/ceupress

Year of Foundation: 1993
Number of titles published in 1998: 18
Number of titles published since foundation: 53

ISBN: (963) 9116

The Central European University (CEU) Press is an international university press publishing scholarly books in social sciences, arts and humanities. All its publications are available in English language. It is the aim and mission of the Press to disseminate information all over the world on topics concerning the past and present history and culture of countries in Central and Eastern Europe.



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