Address of Publishing House:
1117 Budapest, Prielle Kornélia u. 4. Tel. (36-1) 464 8282, 464 8220 Fax.: (36-1) 464 8221, 464 8231
Contact Person: dr. Péter János Sós CEO, János Boris Publishing Director /Science BC/, János Puster Publishing Director /Language BC/
E-mail: custservice@akkrt.hu; export@akkrt.hu
WWW: www.akkrt.hu

Year of Foundation: 1828
Number of titles published in 1998: 130
Number of titles published since foundation: 6000

ISBN: (963) 05

Founded in 1828, Akadémiai is Hungary’s longest continuously operating academic publishing house of Europe-wide repute. Its Hungarian and foreign-language publications alike are recognised internationally, in the form of books (professional manuals, reference works, textbooks and dictionaries), periodicals and CD-ROMs. The Akadémiai Publishing House was converted to a shareholders’ company in 1996, with the Dutch firm Wolters Kluwer as its majority owner. The press targets its publications principally at the highest ranks of researchers and professionals, as well as at young people keen to learn and adults wishing to keep pace with developments in their given professions.



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