Address of Publishing House:
6725 Szeged, Bodogasszony sugárút 6. Tel. and Fax: (36-62) 456 071
Contact Person: Dr. József Petrik
E-mail: publish@jgytf.u-szeged.hu
WWW: www.jgytf.u-szeged.hu/tanszek/kiado/index.htlm

Year of Foundation: 1992
Number of titles published in 1998: 12
Number of titles published since foundation:

ISBN: (963) 9167

The Juhász Gyula Higher Education Press is specialized in supplying quality books for university students and people who participate in further education and specialized training. The Press publishes lecture notes, books and other specialized scholarly publications either by the teachers of the college or by other specialists. The bookstores connected to the Press sell our own publications as well as other books needed by the college students.



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