KÁLVIN JÁNOS Kiadó (a Magyarországi Református Egyház Kiadója)


Address of Publishing House:
1113 Budapest, Bocskai út 35. Tel./Fax: (36-1) 386 8267, 386 8277
Contact Person: Kálmán Tarr
E-mail: kalvin.kiado@mail.datanet.hu
WWW: drhelin.drk.hu/kalvin/ http://drhelin.drk.hu/biblia/

Year of Foundation: 1948
Number of titles published in 1998: 46
Number of titles published since foundation: 2000

ISBN: (963) 9100

In 1992, the Council of the Reformed Church in Hungary passed a resolution establishing the John Calvin Publishing House of the Reformed Church in Hungary as the legal successor to the Reformed Church Press Department. Besides bibles and hymnals, the press publishes religious study books in significant print runs. In addition to the annual Illustrated Calvinist Calendar and the Bible Reader’s Guide, it has produced bible commentaries, prayer books, works on theology, ecclesiastical and cultural history, and a number of fictional works.



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