Komoróczy, Géza


  • Komoróczy, Géza: THE JEWISH BUDAPEST
    • Fordította: Vera Szabó
    • Kiadó: CEU Press
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 598
    • Nyelv: English
    • 553 halftones, 89 colour illustrations
    • As a painting by Chagall unfolds layer upon layer when viewed carefully, so does this city in Jewish Budapest. Neither a guidebook nor a history in the traditional sense, this book is about the Jewish face of Budapest from medieval times to the present. To get the broadest possible perspective, this book is not only about the Hungarian capital as a Jewish city, but as befits a cosmopolitan metropolis, delves into its myriad elements. There was and is, as Jewish Budapest strikingly reveals, a Roman and a Greek Catholic Budapest, a Lutheran and a Calvinist Budapest, a German, a Serbian and a Gypsy Budapest. All these are brought into play as backdrop to the main narrative about the history of Jews in Buda, Óbuda and Pest. Past and present Jewish life as an organic part of the life of the Hungarian capital Budapest be it memory or living reality. Richly illustrated with wonderful evocative literary line drawings and photos, there is a lavish, multicoloured section of artwork that enhances the text. Here is a book at once personal and universal. It is about everyday Jewish life, the humor, the pathos, the human condition, which is the same or very similar anywhere in the Diaspora. Every image and incident, every happening is filtered through the strong sensibilities of the key citizens of the city throughout the past few centuries.



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