BÁNFFY, Miklós


  • BÁNFFY, Miklós: They Were Counted
    • Fordította: Patrick Thursfield and Kathy Bánffy-Jelen
    • Kiadó: Arcadia Books, London
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 596
    • Nyelv: English
    • This great novel paints an unrivalled portrait of the vanished world of pre-1914 Hungary, as seen through the eyes of two young Transylvanian cousins, Count Bálint Abády and Count László Gyeroffy. Shooting parties in great country houses, turbulent scenes in parliament and the luxury of life in Budapest provide the backdrop for this gripping, prescient novel, forming a chilling indictment of upper-class frivolity and political folly, in which good manners cloak indifference and brutality. Abády becomes aware of the plight of a group of Romanian mountain peasants and champions their cause, while Gyeroffy dissipates his resources at the gambling tables, mirroring the decline of the Austro-Hungarian empire itself.



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