• ZILAHY, Lajos: Two Prisoners
    • Kiadó: Prion Books, London
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 468
    • Nyelv: English
    • Set in Budapest during the First World War, this is a searing love story of two people whose lives are shattered by war. Miette and Peter’s idyll is destroyed when Peter joins the army and is taken prisoner. Their struggle to remain true to each other during the years of separation and torment moves to a tragic and ironic finale in the depths of Siberia. Two prisoners was a great success of the Transylvanian-born author Lajos Zilahy (1894-1974) who is considered one of the finest Hungarian novelists of the century. It has not been available to English language readers for thirty years.



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