• CSETE, Örs: Budapest, 1956 - Faces and Stories
    • Fordította: Balázs Földvári
    • Kiadó: Magyar Napló
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 160
    • Nyelv: English
    • We have a great number of photographs of the events of the 1956 revolution. Unfortunately, those images later became the betrayers of the people in them who stayed at home. Today a young man, Örs Csete commemorates the revolutionaries. While taking photos of their faces, he also records their conversation. The lives recorded on the tapes and the tormented faces in the photographs are all similar. In one of the portraits we see someone whose eyes are impossible to look into. A pair of eyes that does not look back at us, it is hidden by dark glasses. Our years in prison have passed, but the man in the sunglasses has been sentenced to life in a dark cell, the blindness. With three bullets in his head and lungs he is still alive, among us. Look at the faces of fifty-six! You shall meet the people who manned the barricades for Hungary, who suffered for our country. And none of them have ever regretted it! (Maria Wittner at the opening of the exhibition). Since 1993, the author has taken several thousands pictures and recorded almost twenty thousand minutes of oral history of the everyday heroes of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. The bilingual album presents a personal selection of the work so far.



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