FRANK, Tibor


  • FRANK, Tibor: Ethnicity, Propaganda, Myth-making. Studies on Hungarian Intellectual History
    • Fordította: FRANK, Tibor
    • Kiadó: AKADÉMIAI Kiadó Rt.
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 300
    • Nyelv: English
    • Based upon extensive archival research in both Europe and the United States, the volume consists of well-documented historical case-studies in three large areas. The individual chapters reveal the overarching social psychological and political structures of the society that produced them. These patterns of the East-Central European mind are historically and psychologically rooted in the political culture and should be remembered accordingly. The book is intended as a reminder that repressive efforts could easily continue under democratic, open political and social structures in similar though different fashion than under previous, closed structures. The volume should help introduce the foreign reader into the historical creation of Hungarian identities and images.



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