• R. VÁRKONYI, Ágnes: Europica Varietas - Hungarica Varietas
    • Fordította: Éva Pálmai and Kálmán Ruttkay
    • Kiadó: AKADÉMIAI Kiadó Rt.
    • Kiadás éve: 1999
    • Oldalszám: 250
    • Nyelv: English
    • Europica Varietas - Hungarica Varietas contains essays written between 1980 and 1998 based on archival research done in Hungary and abroad. Varied as their topics may be, there is a key question common to them all, discussed at lenght in the last essay of the volume, i.e. the question of an undivided Europe. Examining the changes in Hungary during the 16th to 18th centuries, they deal with the diplomatic efforts made in order to force back the Ottoman power, the problems of codifying the freedom of worship and conscience (1568, 1705) and the formation of public opinion, in the context of the struggles carried on for reforming and stabilizing Europe. Presenting a number of key figures in Hungarian history such as Governor György Martinuzzi, Péter Pázmány Archbishop of Esztergom, Miklós Zrínyi Ban of Croatia, Prince Ferenc II. Rákóczi, the polymath Mátyás Bél, Queen Maria Theresa these writings point out at the same time what relations Charles V., Erasmus, Comenius, the Holy See, the League of the Rhine, the Imperial Diets, the Duke of Marlborough, the English Ambassador George Stepney, Queen Anne and Van Swieten, among others, had with the Kingdom of Hungary and Transylvania, and what views they held concerning these countries.



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