Hajós, Géza


  • Hajós, Géza: The faces of the City. Studies. THE SZÉCHENYI CHAIN BRIDGE AND ADAM CLARK
    • Übersetzt von: Ákos Farkas, Orsolya Frank, and Rachel Hideg
    • Verlag: Sík Kiadó
    • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 1999
    • Nummer von Seiten: 200
    • Sprache: English
    • Based on the original concept of Géza Hajós and prepared with the cooperation of the Budapest History Museum - Kiscell Museum.
    • In 1999 the Chain Bridge in Budapest, the first permanent and the most beautiful bridge of the city, became 150 years old. This volume contains essays in cultural, art and technological history, all devoted to the conditions under which the Chain Bridge was built and to the completed work of Adam Clark, a Scotsman turned Hungarian. Szilvia Holló describes earlier attempts at constructing a bridge on the Danube, and the part played by Count Széchenyi before passing the Bridge Act. Nichols Parsons examines the intellectual and cultural exchanges between Great Britain and Central-Eastern Europe at that time, Judit Bródy writes on Tierney Clark the famous English bridge-designer. Paul Stirton’s essay is about the enterprising spirit of Clark and some of his contemporaries, Annamária Vígh draws a portrait of Clark, quoting amply from his letters written to his parents. Imre Gáll gives us a stage-by-stage account of the history of the construction of the bridge, and István Bibó a laudation of the bridge as architectural creation, Júlia Szabó discusses representations of the Bridge in fine arts.



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