Tömböl, Teréz


  • CSILLIK, Bertalan-Kubik, Stefan-Tömböl, Teréz: Regional Anatomy
    • Übersetzt von: András Csillag
    • Verlag: MEDICINA Könyvkiadó Rt.
    • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 1999
    • Nummer von Seiten: 239
    • Sprache: English
    • Edited by Teréz Tömböl
    • This modern textbook of regional anatomy written by eminent authors proves useful for medical students and practitioners of medicine especially by visually guided interventions and by using the various radiological diagnostic methods. Regional Anatomy helps to acquire well grounded knowledge in anatomy of the human body with a complex approach. The textbook provides detailed descriptions about the varoius regions of the human body, adding some clinical aspects to the anatomical knowledge such as palpation, diagnostical use of sectional and regional anatomy, etc. Rich and highly informative artwork helps understanding the human body.



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