BENEY, Zsuzsa


  • BENEY, Zsuzsa: Between Words and Silence
    • Übersetzt von: Mark Griffith
    • Verlag: Mare's Nest Publishing, London
    • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 1999
    • Nummer von Seiten: 200
    • Sprache: English
    • Introduction by George Szirtes
    • Although Zsuzsa Beney (1930) is best known in Hungary as a poet, it is her 1993 book of seven essays 'Between Words and Silence' which is her first book to have been translated into English. Essays with titles like 'Between Autumn and Winter' and 'Between Dawn and Morning', her short but elliptical text itself hovers between poetic and prose writing in style. The book is an extended meditation on border-lines and transitions, and Dr Beney's meticulous, teasing thread of thought slowly embroiders itself into an intricate texture of repeating yet subtly varying motifs. The book comes to resemble the mirrored labyrinths and the 'cobweb-like' pattern of streets in the 'unknown city' she returns to throughout the essays. Intellectually and spiritually ambitious, Zsuzsa Beney's 'Between Words and Silence' is an extraordinary introduction to the isolated otherness of Hungarian literature.



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