ÁMOS, Imre


  • ÁMOS, Imre: Sketchbook from Szolnok / The Haggadah of the Apocalypse The sketchbook of Imre Amos about the Holocaust
    • Übersetzt von: John Bátki
    • Verlag: MÚLT ÉS JÖVO Lap- és Könyvkiadó
    • Veröffentlichungsjahr: 1999
    • Nummer von Seiten: 101
    • Sprache: English
    • Imre Amos (1907-1944) modern Jewish painter could have been called the Hungarian Chagall (he had met Chagall in 1937, who set a high value on his art). He was taken to forced labour camp during the second world war, where he contiously drew the people and the subjects surrounding him. These are sketches of paintings that have never been realized - an invaluably original document in the Hungarian history of culture describing the depth of the Holocaust. The original copy - that we have come across accidently - gave an incomparably deeper experience than the reproductions of the pages. The faded checked ring binder with its notes, marks and stains evoked another tradition in publishing: the Haggadah printings. In such editions the pages are most closely reproduced together with stains, notes and transparencies through which the uniqueness of the work and its fate are also reflected and documented in the reproduction. Our edition follows this particular publishing practise. We consider Amos’s work a great and unique art document wich fully deserves the attention. The ring binder book was reproduced as perfectly as possible. An essay, the Haggaddah of the Apocalypse (written by Kôbányai János - around 60 pages, richly illustrated with photos, drawings, paintings, original documents, the cover is designed in the style of the notebook) is accompanied by the faximile notebook, explaining the Hungarian historical period when the drawings were created. The edition came out for the Jerusalem International Book Fair - we felt that this is the most appropriate venue for this book. The English version is translated by John Batky, one of the most professional and well-known translators of Hungarian literature.



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