Virtuartnet Galéria
Welcome to our virtual gallery. The virtuality of the gallery means that the paintings and sculptures have no real exposition room and some of the masterpieces are in different countries, even in other continent. On the other hand these artworks are real and their function is to make your flat or office a bit different as you have imagined. We would like you to get some information about the artist of the work you are interested in so you can find every biography and in some cases photos with the artwork. The red star beside of the name of the artist indicates changes occurred within one month.

Hungarian Museum of Photography

Statuenpark Museum Budapest

The Museum of Music History
The Museum of Music History was established in 1969 at the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The idea was to gather musical relics, old instruments that are an integral part of music history, on a scientific basis, which would enable the historical investigation, and presentation of instruments and musical remains.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Ungarischen Geographischen Museum

Kunsthalle Szombathely

Landwirtschaftliche Arbeitsgeräte

Archaecomp database

Aquincum database

Palast des Wunders

Velem finds
Velem Szent -Vid Hegy und seine archäolosischen Funde von Anfans des Jahrhunderts im Savaria Museum

The Jewish Museum and Archives of Hungary

Déri Museum

Mátra Museum

Hungarian Chemistry Museum

The Bartók 32 Gallery



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