he cultural heritage of Hungary is part of Western culture and has common history with it. Therefore, at the Frankfurt Book Fair we would like to present the place of Hungary within the cultural context of Europe and we wish to highlight the fertile artistic exchange between Hungary and the rest of Europe. On the other hand, by presenting a wide range of artistic works, we would like to bring into spotlight some faces of Hungarian culture still unknown abroad. Thus, the organisers achieving the motto of the central theme – Hungary without boundaries – in two distinct manners. Hungary is open outwards, to the neighbouring peoples and cultures and at the same time it is open towards accepting all artistic trends and currents.

Hungarian literature will therefore be represented at the Book Fair not only by well-known names, but also through younger authors, who are less recognised abroad. Beside a rich offer of new fiction, a variety of other literary genres will also represent Hungary.

Hungarian fine arts will also be comprehensively represented. Amongst others, selected works of a great number of contemporary artists, a Rippl-Rónai exhibition and the Esterházy-collection will be on display. The richness of the expressive tools of the Hungarian artists as well as the humanity of their artwork shall be richly documented.

The music programme, with its major attraction, a gala-concert in the Alte Oper covers a wide range of modern music reaching from Liszt and Bartók to Kurtág and Ligeti. The interested audience may get also acquainted with authentic Hungarian folk music as well. Here too, similarly to the presentation of Hungarian theatre-, film-, and photographic art, the key words of Hungary’s presentation are variety, diversity and openness.



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