he logo that shall mark Hungary’s presence at the 1999 Frankfurt Book Fair is the fruit of a joint decision of the Hungarian and German project partners. The slogan was born first: “Hungary- without boundaries”. This short phrase expresses the firm conviction of the project organisers that Hungary, - which is on her way to celebrate the first millennium of her Christian statehood -, has always been open to integrating and enriching European culture to her own heritage at all times when the country enjoyed sovereignty. The century-long Hungarian ambitions have symbolically been exposed over the last decade, which started off with the Hungarians’ efforts to demolish the Iron Curtain, which had stood for the cultural division of Europe until 1989.


Mr. László Zsótér’s composition took the first prize at the open competition to visually express the message of the slogan. His design dynamically depicts the metamorphosis of a capital “H” (Hungary’s international sign) into a butterfly of the national colours (red, white and green). The butterfly carries the vision of the capacity to transform, the qualities to be unchained in a colourful, diverse and subtle manner.



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