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- 1976 Fancsikó és Pinta (et. Fancsikó and Pinta) A cycle of "experimental" short stories.
- 1979 Termelési regény (et. A Novel of Production) A parodistic novel subverting the dictatorial conventions of socialist realism; the book established Esterházy's place as an acclaimed and immensely popular writer in Hungary.
- 1981 Függő (et. Suspended) A short novel with a polisemous title that can also be translated as "hanging", "conditional", "provisional" and "relative to".
- 1983 Fuharosok (et. 1991 Transporters) A short and lyrical text. "It is, indeed, a paradoxical retreat from the novel; a retreat into a fusion of archetypal and personal experience, filtered through heavily patterned, ornate and richly modulated poetry, and of more general existential statement, carried here by an intertextual strategy of quotation from Pascal, Teilhard de Chardin and others." (Ferenc Takács)
- 1984 Kis magyar pornográfia (et. 1995 Little Hungarian Pornography) A montage about the life in Hungary in the communist era. A mixture of anecdote and personal reflection, it is a chillingly funny novel on the perversions of politics - "pornography should be understood as meaning lies, the lies of the body, the lies of the soul, our lies. Let us imagine, if we can, a country where everything is a lie, where the lack of democracy is called socialist democracy, economic chaos socialist economy, revolution anti-revolution, and so on." (Péter Esterházy)
"Each of the volume's four sections features such multiple literary techniques as pastiche, fragments, subtexts, puns, aphorisms, externalised interior monologues, repetition, pregnant allusions, arcane references, jokes, disjointed dialogues, indirect discourses, and much more." (Clara Györgyey, World Literature Today vol. 70)
- 1985 A szív segédigéi (et. 1991 Helping Verbs of the Heart) A novel on man's helplessness before Death, especially the death of a parent, and the weakness of the words that try to express it.
- 1986 Bevezetés a szépirodalomba (et. An Introduction to Literature) A collection of his earlier and new works, resulting in a monumental montage or "supra-novel" of text and typographical and pictorial elements. The main concern of the book is the ontology of the literary act - the way personal experience builds up to a public literary artifice.
- 1987 Tizenhét hattyúk (et. Seventeen Swans) The novel was published under the pseudonym Lili Csokonai; the narrative pretends to be the diary of a young uneducated woman. Esterházy's stylistic brilliance is shown in the way the contemporary setting is presented in seventeenth century language.
- 1992 Hahn-Hahn grófnő pillantása (et. 1994 The Glance of Countess Hahn-Hahn) A novel about Central Europe.
- 1990 Hrabal könyve (et. 1994 The Book of Hrabal) A book on a young woman, Anna, a mother of three, presenting her worst dilemma and her imaginary dialogue with the writer Bohumil Hrabal.
- 1994 Búcsúszimfónia (et. Farewell Symphony) Drama.
- 1995 Egy nő (et. 1997 She Loves Me) A prose text of 97 pieces portraying a woman and her relation with the narrator. "Esterházy's formal experimentation has been the dominating feature of his work since the publication of A Novel of Production in 1979, and since then the stylistic diversity of his output has signalled a continuing and fundamental restlessness with the novel as a genre perhaps even with 'text' tout court." (Lawrence Norfolk, TLS July 18 1997)





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