PÁNSÍP - UNG-BEREG Irodalmi és Muvelodési Alapítvány


Address of Publishing House:
294000 Uzhgorod (Ungvár), Zamkova (Vár u.) 8., Ukraine Tel./Fax: (380-31) 22 326 58
Contact Person: Károly Balla D.

Year of Foundation: 1992/1995
Number of titles published in 1998:
Number of titles published since foundation:


Pánsíp is a literary and cultural journal of Kárpátalja (region of Ukraine with a Hungarian minority). The journal aims to reflect on major European intellectual tendencies as a priority and on local characteristics secondarily. UngBereg Foundation was created for the support of Hungarian culture in Kárpátalja. The foundation publishes periodicals and books, organizes and founds cultural events and founded a literary prize as well, which is yearly awarded to excelling authors. So that the foundation could finance ist own activities, it applies for grants and it is engaged in business activities.



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