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Contact Person: dr. Béla K. Király

Year of Foundation: 1977
Number of titles published in 1998: 10
Number of titles published since foundation:


The ARP Atlantic Research and Publications, Inc. is an independent non-profit academic organization, which was originated within the Brooklyn College (CUNY) under the name "Program on Sociaty and Change." It was incorporated in Hungary under the name Atlanti Kutató és Kiadó Társulat-Alapítvány. Most of the studies carried out under the aegis of ARP concentrate on East Central European societies during the last two centuries. Works published by ARP in Western languages adequately cover the diplomatic, political, intellectual, social, and economic histories of the peoples of the region. Books published by ARP are all included in the series "Atlantic Studies on Society in Change". Our CD-ROM contains twenty-five books of our series, the most important events of Hungary's and her neighbors' history, from the Middle Ages to the present.



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