SOROS ALAPÍTVÁNY / Soros Foundation / Stiftung Soros


Address of Publishing House:
1023 Budapest, Bolyai u. 14. Tel.: (36-1) 315 0303 Fax: (36-1) 315 0201
Contact Person: Ms Éva Bakonyi

Year of Foundation: 1994
Number of titles published in 1998:
Number of titles published since foundation:


Publishing sponsorship programme provides support for publication of literary and sociological works of lasting value (through financing the books’ production costs). Soros Foundation sponsors publication of first works by promising Hungarian writers and poets whose names are as yet unknown to the reading public, or who have until now only been published in periodicals. The foundation also invites applications from publishing houses for short-term working capital credit under preferential rates of interest, in order to help publishers overcome difficulties with liquidity and thus enable them to fulfil their yearly publishing schedules. The foundation also runs a translation programme, whose aim is to publish classic foreign works of social science in Hungarian - mainly from the English-speaking world, - works which before the change of political system were unavailable due to censorship, but which are considered indispensable for understanding of the theoretical, economic and psychological background behind the philosophy of “open society.”



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