UNIKORNIS Könyv- és Lapkiadó Kft.


Address of Publishing House:
1055 Budapest, Stollár Béla u. 22. Tel.: (36-1) 332 1592 Fax: (36-1) 311 6564
Contact Person: József Kocsis, István Graselly

Year of Foundation: 1992
Number of titles published in 1998: 48
Number of titles published since foundation: 250

ISBN: (963) 427

Unikornis publishes book series supervised by reputed literary editors, which are comfortable to hold and encased in durable and attractive bindings. Its red leather-bound 100+2 volumes presenting the complete works of the great Hungarian classical Mór Jókai is now complete, together with explanatory commentaries. Other series in publication include: Pearls of Hungarian Drama, the Treasury of Hungarian Poetry, Great Hungarian Story-tellers, and Plant Care and Cookery Tips. The press is also the first to publish the complete works of Jules Verne carefully translated into Hungarian.



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