BABITS Kiadó Rt.


Address of Publishing House:
7100 Szekszárd, Bezerédj u. 18. Tel.: (36-74) 529 380 Fax: (36-74) 529 383 1114 Budapest, Hamzsbégi út 34. Tel.: (36-1) 386 9015
Contact Person: Károly Fejos

Year of Foundation: 1988
Number of titles published in 1998: 17
Number of titles published since foundation:


The publications of Babits Publishing Ltd. are above all devoted to the 20th century Hungarian culture and literature. Prominent examples include the series Hungary in the 20th Century, The Hungarian Classics (in 20 volumes), Kálmán Mikszáth's novels (32 volumes so far), the Turning Points in Hungarian History series, the first volume of which has already appeared. The series of Hungarian Classics will be followed by another one entitled Hungarian Prose Characteristic of the Age, whose subject is the literature of the period between 1945-1990. The first volume of the series, Erzsébet Galgóczi's novel Vidravas (Otter-trap) has already come out. The Publishing House will bring out its album on the historical Hungarian letters patent of nobility in a magnificent and considerably enlarged new edition, which will also be published in German language. The Babits Publishing Ltd. will also publish Révai's New Encyclopedia in 16 volumes after the publication of the 21-volume Révai's Large Encyclopedia in reprint edition.



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