Address of Publishing House:
RO - 3400 Cluj-Napoca, P-ta Avram Ianvu nr. 14. Tel./Fax: (40-64) 19 9374, 19 2729
Contact Person: Dr. Zoltan Bartha

Year of Foundation:
Number of titles published in 1998:
Number of titles published since foundation:

ISBN: (973) 9323 01 to 19

Besides the two magazines for children and teenagers, the Tinivár Publishing house has published, edited and spread over 60 titles of contemporary Hungarian literature, novels and poems, historical publication, stories and tales, travel journals, dictionaries, almanachs. Publications include famous classical Transylvanian authors as Domokos Szilágyi, Jeno Dsida and contemporary writers like Lili Marton, Olga Nagy and Tibor Dáné The tinivár Publishing House strives to publish the work of poets and writers who are representative for the talented young generation..



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