Address of Publishing House:
1134 Budapest, Kassák Lajos u. 79. Tel.: (36-1) 329 1619, 329 0879 Fax: (36-1) 429 1619, 260 1170
Contact Person: Ms Marianne Szamosi
E-mail: cicero@mail.matav.hu

Year of Foundation: 1991
Number of titles published in 1998: 50
Number of titles published since foundation: 260

ISBN: (963) 539

The company registers its publications under the name CICERO. The Publishing Falukönyv {Village-books}-Cicero house was founded in1991 and since then it publishes about 50-60 titles per year: story books, literature for young people, Hungarian and modern literatures (classical and modern), educational and popular sciences, games and activity books, developimg mental and physical skills. Our most important series are: Classics for Young Readers, a collection of Bernard Malamud’s works, School-Library, Village-Gardener. Most of our publications appear on the list of books helping education, recommended by the Ministry of Education.



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E-mail: frankfurt_99.kht@mail.matav.hu