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Contact Person: Simon Serfozo

Year of Foundation: 1993
Number of titles published in 1998: 28
Number of titles published since foundation:


Felsomagyarország {Upper Hungary}, this historical region, has not only been the homeland of Hungarians, but also that of Slovaks and Ruthenians; and, at the same time, Germans and Poles were also living here in a limited number. This regions has a very rich literary and cultural heritage. The first Hungarian periodical was published here. This is the land of the language reform and the first Hungarian translation of the Bible. The Publishing House thinks it important that the local works and those which are born in this region -- including the Northeast, Upper Hungary, Sub-Carpathia, and even Transylvania -- are given a forum. However, the Upper Hungary Publishing House is open toward the presentation of the whole Hungarian literature. The Publishing House started to publish two series in 1998 under the titles of Upper Hungary Minerva and Highlands Minerva.



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