GLADIÁTOR Kiadói Kft. (in co-edition with Unio 3)


Address of Publishing House:
1135 Budapest, Jász u. 25/a 1558 Budapest, P.O.B. 34 Tel. and Fax: (36-1) 339 1237
Contact Person: dr. János Lengyel

Year of Foundation: 1991
Number of titles published in 1998: 3
Number of titles published since foundation:


The Publishing House with a modest staff has been present at the book market with primarily popular works and books for the young. It publishes approximately 4-8 books of its own and it also brings out books of about the same number in cooperation with other publishing houses. It publishes popular books such as Dale Carnegie's books on management, Albert Einstein's articles which appeared in journals, the reprint edition of János Kriza's dialect dictionary of Transylvania, which was first published in the 19th century, or a joint series of cook books enlarged with information on house-keeping and cultural historical information with the Hungarian Cuisine.



Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation,
Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
Fax: +(36) 1 269 20 53