Address of Publishing House:
1149 Budapest, Fogarasi út 17/b Tel.: (36-1) 252 7554 Fax: (36-1) 252 7754
Contact Person: Miklós Baráz, Béla Szújó

Year of Foundation: 1988
Number of titles published in 1998: 62
Number of titles published since foundation: 1580


The greatest success of our Publishing House is the „Health from God’s Pharmacy” by Maria Treben, which has been sold until now in more than one million copies. HungaLibri was founded in 1998, the first private publishing and printing house. It publishes yearly 60-70 new titles in several hundred thousand copies. HungaLibri has his own printing house, wholesale, distributing and retail network. Its endeavour is to become a publisher for the whole family, by means of broadening its publishing activity in healing guidance and lifestyle titles, books for children.



Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation,
Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
Fax: +(36) 1 269 20 53