Address of Publishing House:
7621 Pécs, Munkácsy M. u. 30/a Tel.: (36-72) 314 782, 335 767 Fax: (36-72) 336 803 1081 Budapest Rákóczi út 59.III. Tel. and Fax: (36-1) 303 0384
Contact Person: Gábor Csordás

Year of Foundation: 1993
Number of titles published in 1998: 58
Number of titles published since foundation: 300

ISBN: (963) 676

Based in the south-western town of Pécs, Jelenkor {Present Time} publishes mainly contemporary Hungarian literature. It is the exclusive Hungarian publisher of numerous authors - among them Péter Nádas, György Petri, Miklós Mészöly, László F. Földényi, László Darvasi, Endre Kukorelly, László Márton and Lajos Parti Nagy. It also produces editions of contemporary foreign literary and philosophical works in translation. Its series include: Living Literature - a forum for contemporary Hungarian literature, Ars Longa - which covers essays, studies and illustrated monographs on the arts, Dianoia - which presents contemporary Western philosophy (R. Rorty, J. Derrida), Moments of a century - containing memoirs and recollections, Little Europe - a forum for contemporary European literature (from Dinescu through Nooteboom to J-P. Toussaint), and the JAK Literary Translators’ Handbooks - presenting the work of young literary translators.



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