Address of Publishing House:
1053 Budapest, Kecskeméti u. 6. Tel.: (36-1) 266 0393, 317 3536 Fax: (36-1) 266 0393
Contact Person: dr. Péter Fóti, Ms Éva Fáy
E-mail: joszoveg@euroweb.hu

Year of Foundation: 1997
Number of titles published in 1998: 8
Number of titles published since foundation: 15

ISBN: 1417

The Publishing House Jószöveg {Good Texts} is specialized in publishing the newest and most exciting sociological works, especially on philosophy, political science, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, ethnography, and economics. Its series include Jószöveg Hiánypótló (Good Texts which you've missed so far), with works which are important but which are not accessible or which are not in Hungarian by György Csepeli, St. Thomas of Aquino, Peter Berger, Thomas Luckmann, and Aurél Vajkai. The Jószöveg Könyvek (Jószöveg Books) series is devoted to the novelties: the writings of Niklas Luhmann, Michel Foucault, Fredric Jameson, Kamper-Wulf, Jacques Derrida, Manfred Frank, and Pierre Bourdieu have appeared in it. A new series of the Publishing House entitled Jószöveg Tankönyvek (Jószöveg Textbooks) brings out handbooks on art sociology and fashion sociology among other things.



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