• CSILLIK Bertalan, Kubik Stefan, Tömböl Teréz: Regional Anatomy
    • Translated by: András Csillag
    • Publishing House: MEDICINA Könyvkiadó Rt.
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 239
    • This modern textbook of regional anatomy written by eminent authors proves useful for medical students and practitioners of medicine especially by visually guided interventions and by using the various radiological diagnostic methods. Regional Anatomy helps to acquire well grounded knowledge in anatomy of the human body with a complex approach. The textbook provides detailed descriptions about the varoius regions of the human body, adding some clinical aspects to the anatomical knowledge such as palpation, diagnostical use of sectional and regional anatomy, etc. Rich and highly informative artwork helps understanding the human body.
  • DÁRDAI Árpád: Mobile Telecommunication
    • Translated by: DÁRDAI Árpád
    • Publishing House: NAP Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 300
    • The subject of mobile telecommunication, or as it otherwise known, the radio telephone is in the focus of world-wide interest. Several systems and solutions have been developed so far. This book is intended for students, professionals and for any of the general public who are interested in mobile communications technology. The information will be invaluable for reader who have or will have full-time responsibility for the management of an organisation’s telecomunication or telematics. readers from the general public will certainly benefit and will no doubt succeed in gaining an understanding of mobile telecommunication and related topics.
  • FARKAS Sándor: Protected Wild Flowers in Hungary
    • Publishing House: MEZOGAZDA Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 400
    • This book is the most comprehensive guide published on the protected wild flowers of Hungary. It is written by Hungary’s 28 foremost botanists and illustrated with works of several renowned Hungarian and international nature photographers. The book is based on over eight years of extensive aimed research of Hungarian botanists, professionals and amateurs. It is a result of an unprecedented joint effort and cooperation as well as a unique inventory of all the protected species of the Hungarian flora. The species are presented according to the accepted international system of classification. Each entry contains a detailed description and is complete with a distrtbution map and a photograph. As the publication also serves scientific purposes, there is an index of Latin names. An English summary is also included.
  • POLGÁR László: Endgames
    • Publishing House: VINCE Kiadó
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 350
    • Fewer pieces create fewer problems: this statement, however witty, is only partly true. A chess player might face easy, entertaining positions and extremely difficult ones during the endgame. László Polgár has compiled an imposing collection of endgames based on the experience gained educating his daughters, Olympic Games winners and a world champion. To systemize this huge volume of material he used an up-to-date approach: similar ideas, motifs, types and structures in seemingly different positions to create individual groups. The first two of the 171 chapters give several hundred examples to illustrate the most important elementary and theoretical positions. Each of the following 169 chapters demonstrates an endgame type – e.g. opening up a diagonal, winning the tempo, king on the edge of the board, passive queen or good knight versus bad bishop – in 24 positions. A chess book with this approach including 4560 positions has never yet been published. Mistakes in openings or middlegames may, perhaps, be corrected later, but those in the last stage can be fatal. This fascinating handbook provides help in finding a way to avoid fatal mistakes, and in practicing many motifs.



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