a, The Foundation to Support Translation of Literary Works (Fordítástámogatási alap) has been established to assist foreign publishers that bring out books of Hungarian fiction. Financial assistance available from the Foundation normally covers the costs of translation after the book has been published through the Hungarian Book Foundation. The deadlines for application are 31st March and 31st October each year.

b, A Magyar Műfordítóház (Hungarian House for Literary Translation) gives four-, six- and eight-week scholarships for foreign translators that convey pieces of Hungarian literature into their own mother tongue. The house follows the model of West European translation centres (e.g. Straelen und Arles) and can host five translators at a time.

c, For the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 1999, where Hungary plays a special role, the Hungarian Minister of Education and Culture had brought Frankfurt’99 Ltd. into life, which has already twice invited applications for the support of Hungarian literary works’ translation appearing until the autumn of 1999. Both foreign and Hungarian publishers can make use of this support.

d, Following the model of German and Austrian literary houses, a Literary House has been arranged in the "Petőfi" Museum of Literature. In addition to readings and symposia, it hosts different literary organisations and meetings. However, a databank on the contemporary Hungarian authors has also been under consideration



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