Address of Publishing House:
1062 Budapest, Lehel út 3/b Tel.: (36-1) 320 8203 Fax: (36-1) 344 3923
Contact Person: Ms Zsuzsa Tarr

Year of Foundation: 1990
Number of titles published in 1998: 20
Number of titles published since foundation: 250

ISBN: (963) 545

Panem has been involved since 1991 in a joint publishing venture with McGraw-Hill International Publishers. It boasts a number of other notable publishing houses among its partners, among them Simon and Schuster, John Wiley and Markt und Technik. Panem is engaged mainly in the translation and adaptation to Hungarian needs of specialised publications for the domestic textbook and specialist book market. The firm also began development of CD-ROMs for teaching in 1996.



Frankfurt '99 Non-profit Organisation,
Budapest 1054 Báthori u. 10.
Fax: +(36) 1 269 20 53