PRO PANNONIA Kiadói Alapítvány


Address of Publishing House:
7621 Pécs, Király u. 33 Tel./Fax: (36-72) 213 379
Contact Person: dr. Gábor Szirtes

Year of Foundation: 1985
Number of titles published in 1998: 16
Number of titles published since foundation: 155

ISBN: (963) 9079

Although it began as a “Pécs phenomenon,” as one of its critics put it, the series published by the Baranya County Library from 1985-1995 under the banner Pannonia Books - whose publication was taken over by the Pro Pannonia Publishing Foundation from 1996 - gained nation-wide recognition within a matter of years. The 12-year history of Pannonia Books has seen the publication of over 120 titles (by Mihály Babits, Béla Hamvas, János Kodolányi, Nándor Várkonyi, Sándor Weöres, and contemporary writers such as István Pákolitz, Gyozo Csorba, Gyula Takáts and Tibor Tüskés). The publishing profile covers strikingly original works of fiction and the social sciences reflecting the rich intellectual heritage of the city of Pécs, Baranya county and the region of Southern Transdanubia, as well as reprinted writings of valuable but sometimes not readily accessible authors of the 20th century.



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