Address of Publishing House:
1085 Budapest, Mária u. 46. Tel./Fax: (36-1) 318 0041, 266 3765
Contact Person: József Láng

Year of Foundation: 1991
Number of titles published in 1998: 24
Number of titles published since foundation: 170

ISBN: (963) 446

The Argumentum publishing house considers the publication of academic texts and periodicals as its principal task. It publishes works of social science, monographs and volumes of essays. A significant portion of its scholarly publications is comprised of critical works by classic Hungarian authors (Endre Ady, György Bessenyei, Mór Jókai, the Library of classic Hungarian poets, etc.), and the Dictionary of Medieval Latin in Hungary. It also publishes texts by Latin language authors (e.g. András Dudith) as well as the texts of German language literature in Hungary in the 18-19th centuries. Argumentum Press is also engaged in publishing Pál Gulyás's bibliographical encyclopedia; the 18th volume had just come out.



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